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Sprinkler Systems

Why does my system continue to run after one cycle?

This is the most common programming error on a controller. Multiple start times were accidentally programmed into the controller. In this video, you see how to remove multiple start times on the Hunter Pro-C controller.

What is your typical controller watering program?

During the spring startup, we set the majority of controllers to the following program:

  • Rotor stations run 30-45 minutes each
  • Spray stations run 15-20 minutes each
  • Start Time is usually between 3-6 am
  • System runs Mon, Wed, Fri

During the warmer summer months we adjust controllers by either increasing the length of the zone run times or by adding a 4th day (Sun) to the program. If it takes longer than 6 hours for your system to run all the way through than we would suggest adding a day to the program instead of increasing the station run times. The longer your system runs the greater chance your later stations will lose more of the water to evaporation. Also remember that your type of soil is an important factor to how often and long you water.

Isn't the Rain Bird heads sold at Lowe's and Menard's the same as the heads you sell?

Absolutely Not. Those heads do not come with a 5 year warranty like the Rain Bird 5004 that we sell. Also, they do not come with a check valve which means if that head is lower than nearby heads on that zone, all the water will drain out of that head and also make that area soft. All heads that we sell and install have a check valve in them to prevent low head drainage.

Why does my pressure seem really low?

Find your backflow and make sure the ball valves on the backflow are all the way open and that the test cocks are closed. If the test cocks are open, there will be water shooting out from from the backflow. If the ball valves are not open all the way, your system is not getting the volume or pressure it needs to operate properly.

Lawn Care

How much water do I need for my yard?

You want to try and put an 1-1.5" on a yard every week. A well designed irrigation system will apply in a 2-3 hours of run time for each zone. So having a program that runs each zone 45 minutes, 4 times a week will water a total of 3 hours. Remember that mother nature often contributes to the water we apply. If it hasn't rained for a couple weeks, you will have to increase your station run times. Or just use the Seasonal Adjust feature on your controller to increase the times.

Will having an irrigation system guarantee a beautiful lawn?

Nope. Water is only part of the equation. Adding the proper amount of fertilizer to the equation along with your water will do wonders. Also consider spraying for weeds in the fall if you have areas that are struggling to fill in with grass. Then you can overseed the area which will keep those weeds out for good.

Company Information

How long have you been in business?

Rain Makers has actually been operating in the Warsaw area for almost 25 years, but has been under the current ownership since 2004.

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