$90 for well/meter systems (10 zones or less); $115 for lake system (8 zones or less)

It's important to winterize your sprinkler system before the ground starts to freeze. Call us to schedule an appointment.

We perform the following during a winterization:

  • Remove or turn off the water source whether it is a well, meter, or irrigation pump
  • Remove all the water from your system with an air compressor
  • Check system components for leaks or damage and note them for spring repair
  • Turn off the controller
  • Turn all backflow valves to 45 degrees (well or meter)
  • Fill irrigation pump with anti-freeze and store inside (lake system)
  • Suction line and filter will be removed and all openings will be covered with Ziploc baggies (lake system)

Note: If we have winterized your system in the past, you are automatically on our list and we will contact you.

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