($85 for well/meter systems; $110 for lake system) - up to 12 zones

It's important to winterize your sprinkler system before the ground starts to freeze. Call us to schedule an appointment.

We perform the following during a winterization:

  • Remove or turn off the water source whether it is a well, meter, or irrigation pump
  • Remove all the water from your system with an air compressor
  • Check system components for leaks or damage and note them for spring repair
  • Turn off the controller
  • Turn all backflow valves to 45 degrees (well or meter)
  • Fill irrigation pump with anti-freeze and store inside (lake system)
  • Suction line and filter will be removed and all openings will be covered with Ziploc baggies (lake system)

Note: If we have winterized your system in the past, you are automatically on our list and we will contact you.

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