Rust Stain Remover

We carry Rid O'Rust stain remover in 12 oz containers of the powder formula. This Rid O'Rust product removes well water rust stains from most exterior surfaces including aluminum, vinyl, wood and metal siding, concrete, masonry, stucco, brick, paint, fiberglass, landscape stone, plastic, asphalt, boats, rusty tools and much more. It will not harm plants or grass when used according to the following instructions.

Mix one 12 oz container of powder with warm water to make 1 gallon of stain removing solution. Apply Rid O'Rust stain remover with a roller, cloth, brush or sprayer. No scrubbing is required.

Best results are achieved when using a handheld or backpack sprayer. Several applications might be required if there are heavy rust deposits.

We recommend spraying the cleaner on a sunny 60-70 degree day. Through our tests, we found that sunlight quickens the stain removing process. If the temperature is too high, the solution will dry too quickly and not be as effective.

Within minutes of application, the rust stain will begin to disappear. It is recommended to rinse the sprayed area with water before the remover completely dries. When the remover is allowed to dry completely, it will leave a white film which is noticeable on dark surfaces. When applied to concrete and allowed to dry, it will appear as if the non-sprayed areas are not clean. This is a result of the "white film effect."

The cost of the cleaner is $10 per 12 oz container of powder which makes 1 gallon of solution.

The following factors caused us to make the change from the liquid to the powder form of the remover:

  • The liquid form has storage issues which requires it be stored in a place abover 45 degrees to prevent the solution from crystallizing. The powder form has no storage restrictions. It can be stored indefinitely until it is needed for use.
  • 12 oz containers are much easier for the customer and us to store and carry on our service vehicles. No chance of leakage.
  • The powder formula is just as effective as the pre-mixed solution. We tested this with a 55 gallon drum of stain remover that we mixed ourselves and saw the same effectiveness as the pre-mixed solution.
  • 12 oz of powder formula costs $10.

We no longer provide the service of cleaning rust stains. Transporting the solution became a burden as well as carrying backpack sprayers on our service vehicles. Cool evenings in the spring and fall would also cause the solution to crystallize and make the stain remover less effective. The same square footage could take drastically different amounts of Rid O'Rust remover depending on the concrete finish. Water was not always available to rinse off the sprayed areas to prevent the "white film effect."

The clear solution was to switch to the powder formula which is less expensive, has no storage issues, and is as effective as the pre-mixed solution.

Now you have total control of managing your rust stains and you can do it when it is convenient for you.