Irrigation Installation

Irrigation Installation

Rain Makers provides superior system installation for the following water applications: metered, wet/dry well, and lake/pond. We use premium components from Hunter, Rain Bird, K-rain, Cresline, and Blu-Lock in all of our installations. These products have proven durable, reliable, and easy to service.

We install systems and provide service that is unmatched by our competitors. Price should not be the only deciding factor when having a system installed. Consider the following before choosing your installer:

  • Does the company offer quality service and quick response times?
  • Do the yards of this installer look better than the yards of other installers?
  • Do existing customers recommend them?
  • Are their employees knowledgeable, trustworthy, and courteous?
  • Do you get a system layout?
  • Does the system include a rain sensor?
  • Does the system contain other water saving components?

A sprinkler system must provide evenly distributed water to result in a beautiful lawn and landscape. A poorly designed system will not perform properly and will cost you more money over the lifetime of the system. Please take a look in the products section to find out about the products we use and why we stand out as irrigation contractors.

We are fully insured and our installation work is backed by a 2 year labor warranty. Most of the products we use carry a 3 or 5 year warranty.

A Rain Makers system includes the following products:


Hunter Pro-C modular controller

**Remote Control Capable

(3 year warranty)

Solar Sync

Rain Bird Wireless rain sensor

(5 year warranty)

K-rain SuperPro

K-rain SuperPro Rotor with check valve

(5 year warranty)

MP rotator

Hunter MP rotator sprays with check valve

(5 year warranty)

K-rain Rotary Nozzles with check valve

(5 year warranty)

pgv valve

Hunter PGV valves

(3 year warranty)

system layout 2

AutoCad layout
(PDF format)


Febco backflow
(well/meter system)


Flint & Walling Pump
(lake/pond system)


(Used exclusively on lake systems)

Helpful Information

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my pressure seem really low?

Find your backflow and make sure the ball valves on the backflow are all the way open and that the test cocks are closed. If the test cocks are open, there will be water shooting out from from the backflow. If the ball valves are not open all the way, your system is not getting the volume or pressure it needs to operate properly.

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