What's New in 2012?

Published: March 14, 2012

What's New in 2012?

Special Thanks to 1Eightydesign.com

Last year Kevin Hamstra of www.1Eightydesign.com introduced a new website that was easier to navigate, more eye appealing, contained examples of our work, and enabled our customers to request services online at any time. But that was just the beginning. The custom service and scheduling application Kevin created increased our efficiency dramatically. It has definitely set us apart from our competition by reducing your wait time on service requests. Kevin and I worked together this past winter on a 2nd version of this application that essentially puts all of our service information and scheduling capability in the palm of our hands. Each one of our service technicians has a mobile device that logs our arrival and departure times and details that are specific to each service call. Everything is sent to a database and can be referenced at any time. Our continued growth last year is a direct result of Kevin's efforts. I can't thank Kevin enough for all he has done for us. Please take a look http://www.1eightydesign.com/work/ to see how our service application works and also the other projects he has done in our community.

New Look for Service Vehicle

We are currently working on our new look for our service van and will have it ready for this year. The new design will make it easy for you and prospective customers to spot us out in the community.

New Addition to Our Staff

Due to our increased growth, my wife Rachel is joining us this year. It was not easy to pull her away from her current job, but I was able to persuade her after quite a bit of begging. Adding a dedicated office person will free up more time for me and our workers to get things accomplished. Everyone else on staff are returning employees. So you will continue to see the same faces from previous years.

Rust Stain Cleaning

We have always offered Rid O'Rust cleaner which removes existing iron stains, but we mostly just sold it to our customers and didn't apply it ourselves. We experimented with a backpack sprayer last year and found that we can spray an average driveway and sidewalks in very little time. We also found that we typically used less cleaner than the average homeowner simply because we have more experience applying the cleaner. The cleaner is applied using a backpack sprayer and within minutes of application, the rust stain will begin to disappear. The cost of the cleaner is $12 per gallon and our labor rate for stain removal is $30 per hour. Typical stain removal uses 5 gallons of cleaner and a 1/2 hour of time which comes to a total cost of $75. This is especially a great idea at the end of the year when your sprinkler system has been winterized and there is no more threat of staining.


If you are pleased with our services or have a suggestion for us, let us know. If you have a few minutes, please visit our website at www.rainoncue.com and submit a testimonial on the About Us page. About 80% of our new work comes from referral business. That means you are happy with our work and talking about us. Thank you! Your customer feedback enables us to improve our services and gives us an opportunity to obtain prospective clients.

We thank you for your business and look forward to serving you this coming year.


Jamie Bowers